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XXX Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was founded in September 1996. With the development of social science and technology, the era of global intelligence has entered a period of rapid development. In order to solve the pressure of "labor shortage" and the rapid rise of labor cost, our company vigorously introduces senior scientific research talents. From research and development, processing and manufacturing, sales, after-sales service as one, purchase high-precision processing equipment. In July 2009, the manipulator business department was established. Specializing in the production of injection molding machine special manipulator, stamping manipulator, lathe special manipulator and peripheral automation equipment. Products are widely used in cosmetics packaging, home appliances, food and beverage, auto parts and other industries.

XXX is a fast-growing AI high-tech enterprise. With the increasing application of AI, our company has been committed to the basic research and application development of AI since 2011, as well as the intelligent software output and hardware design and manufacturing of AI industrial chain. In the Internet + era, after years of technology accumulation, we have integrated intelligent IOT, artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction technology to design and develop intelligent retail solutions for multiple vending machines, which have been successfully applied in education, environmental protection, medicine, fire protection, tourism, office, business circle and other fields. In the campus milk, tea, fresh, cosmetics, hot drinks, fast consumer goods and other categories for customers to develop customized industry-leading products.

We have a strong technical team, independent development of software and core control components, after-sales worry free.

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